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A Note From Betsy

Education is the lifeblood of everything we want America to be.  Every American is impacted every day by how our education system has – or has not – risen to meet the unique needs of each student… to meet your needs, as a student, a parent, a teacher, a family member, an employer, or a proud citizen of this remarkable land.

Fighting for freedom in education is my life’s work. It was the honor of my life to serve as the 11th United States Secretary of Education. While the four years I spent in Washington got a lot of attention, I’ve spent nearly forty fighting for kids, their families, and a better education ecosystem. And that fight continues today. That’s why I’m so glad you’re here to learn more and get involved.

If we fix education, we fix America. It really is that simple.

I hope you’ll join me in the fight to bring education freedom to every kid in America. After all, they represent 100% of our future.

The new book by Betsy Devos: Hostages No More - The Fight for Education Freedom and the Future of the American Child

On Sale Now at Your Favorite Bookstore:

Hostages No More – The Fight for Education Freedom and the Future of the American Child

For too long, students have been held hostage by an outdated school system that’s focused on everything but children. We can change that. 

Hostages No More tells the story of my fight for groundbreaking reforms to American education, but more importantly, it’s about our shared goal to free America’s children from an education system that continues to fail them. The school union bosses and their politician and media allies berate everyone who criticizes them, but parents are done being given excuses about why their kids aren’t learning and why they’re being force-fed poisonous curriculum. 

I’ve been fighting alongside families for nearly 40 years, and the momentum demand for school choice is stronger than ever. This parent uprising will not stop until every family has education freedom. I hope this book will encourage you to join the fight for our children and our future.

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2 weeks ago
Betsy DeVos

History repeats itself. ... See MoreSee Less

History repeats itself.Image attachment

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It would be helpful to know ‘who’ misspelled the word.

Although I agree, the issue is that for a generation, teachers and caregivers have been in the lives of the children in their care and classrooms longer each day than the parents. (Spoken as a former daycare caregiver and classroom teacher.) Parents must be present in the classrooms, school board meetings, sports practices, etc - or homeschool - in order to really truly know what their children are like all day, how they are learning and aware of challenges or strengths. Parents need to stop sending their children to the system and staying out of the daily goings on within that system.

Parents who know better need to take their kids out of Private Schools.


Why are you still not in prison, Betty?

Not on my side

Plus with government evictions and there prison time to serve history will be written correct right Betsy


Teachers unions are responsible for the MESS our education system is in.

Sadly it is the union agenda that is important in most instances, instead of the children.

Welcome to my continent I love your family

too bad parents are not with THIER children every day...wait.... NEVERMIND.

Hope your indicted soon

You were the absolute worst S of E, so glad you’re gone!

Teachers don’t give a cr*p about your kid.

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1 month ago
Betsy DeVos

The results of the Nation's Report Card today demand our attention, and they demand serious action. We cannot raise a generation prepared to inherit America if they don't know what makes America special -- a shining city on a hill. ... See MoreSee Less

The results of the Nations Report Card today demand our attention, and they demand serious action. We cannot raise a generation prepared to inherit America if they dont know what makes America special -- a shining city on a hill.

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My daughter attended several different (public) middle and high schools in the southeast from 2013 to 2019. You are correct: schools/teachers are not instructing US History or Civics! She knows more about China, Asia and Europe than anything pertaining to our own country. Over time I’d ask her random questions, such as what happened at Appomattox Courthouse, and the response was always that she didn’t know as she wasn’t taught this. As we traveled throughout the country when she was young, I (single parent) would take her to different historical places anticipating that she would eventually learn about them in middle and high school. I particularly love American History and thought it would help her to understand the history behind the location by actually being there. These places included Washington DC (even attending the senate in session, going to Ford’s Theater and Arlington Cemetery or standing at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial), Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello, Mount Vernon and Wells Fargo stagecoach stops out west. She graduated high school with honors, but I was saddened to learn that the offering of US History was not considered. It is very important for us to learn and understand this country’s history. That is a part of the problem with this country now. We have failed our youth to understand where we have come from, what our successes and failures have been over time; and where we can go in the future. Right now, it’s bleak. I pray your efforts are rewarded in this point.

Common Core has been the great dumbing down of our children.

Has this weighed in the level of test fatigue? Many students are burnt out and no longer care or give their best efforts on standardized tests.

Your worried about history? Our students need math and science too.

indoctrination much?

Shut up, Betsy

Come back, Betsy, come back to YOUR job as Secretary of Education!

Because their teaching racist activism instead of true factual history with all of its flaws & successes.

I am guessing, the majority of those numbers will be reflected in DEMOCRAT controlled cities. They have spent how many BILLIONS $ on education...and they largely control the teachers unions. Am I right?

Could the declining History scores have anything to do with the fact that a significant portion of Betsy, the billionaire’s, fortune is tied to the education system, and her educational acumen seems to be mediocre, at best?

Absolutely EVERYTHING is falling apart under the current administration. The democrats are systematically destroying our country.

Oh, puh-leeze!!! Stop pretending to know ANYTHING about education. Your stupid, failed experiments on Michigan schools only resulted in DISCRIMINATION and SEGREGATION! Just stay in your fugly McMansion on the beach, blocking the public's access to the pier, and be quiet! How TF do you expect students to do well in HISTORY, when the GQP tries to whitewash America's past with that idiotic CRT nonsense?!? GTFOH. how do you expect children to learn from the previous mistakes of others?

WHY haven't U gotten FREE bibleinschools. net? & FREE Good News Clubs in Elementary and middle schools? WHY? U know it's the Answer! JESUS have MERCY SEND A HOLY GHOST REVIVAL NOW RAPTURE READY?

Please keep speaking out. Signed a 100% disabled, retired Army veteran. have a better curriculum??? You should have a lot of materials since your charter schools are failing miserably.

U.S. History scores will always decline because Revisionist History was birthed from racism by racists. The message and the messengers of historical fallacies are becoming extinct as civilizations and cultures that you people try so hard to eradicate.


The history of indigenous people is also US history. The history of slavery is also US history. The history of internment camps is also US history. The history of racist white nationalism in America is also US history. YET I LEARNED NONE OF IT IN THE 60'S AND 70'S

In my city i pay outstanding real estate bills. Most of this money goes to the schools. Here 66% graduate high school but only 15% of these students can read or do math at their grade level. The schools are cheating the students and stealing from taxpayers. I homeschooled my daughter for 11 years and my granddaughter for five years. My daughter has a masters degree in business and she graduated with honors. Some private schools let students retake tests until they get a good grade. Who takes responsibility for this?

That wrinkled lying hag betsy devos was on faux newz lying about CRT and the 1619 Project. Miserable crow.

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1 month ago
Betsy DeVos

🎯⬇️ ... See MoreSee Less


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Teachers UNION says it all

The Federal Dept of Education needs to be dissolved!

Thats a tuffy !!!


During your tenure as Secretary of Education, you win overwhelmingly.

Betsy, so you aren't pro education, just anti union? Because heaven forbid underpaid & overworked teachers should have unions! Marianne John what do you think?

Weingarten is hideous both inside and out.

When is "fake" news media going to ask the [Q]uestion? Who is Q????

You really came on Fox News and blamed crt for why kids are scoring lower in history. Just go away and don’t come back!

Let’s see if stripping for children is too indecent for leftist Facebook

The teachers unions are evil.


Hey devos what's on your paycheck?

She's up bidens ass

Devos nothing but a political HACK

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