Critical Race Theory In A Nutshell:

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is dangerous for our children and dangerous for our country. CRT seeks to divide us instead of unite us, rooted in the false notion that America is an irredeemably racist nation.

Administrators and union bosses have now pushed Critical Race Theory into both public and private school curriculum and classrooms. Parents across the United States have every right to object to CRT’s insidious concepts being force-fed to their children.

In Depth:

“Parents want their kids to learn history—the good, the bad and the ugly. We need to acknowledge the sins of the past, but we don’t need to tell our kids to hate themselves and their country or to view themselves as the oppressor or the oppressed. Instead, as a nation, we need to embrace the fact that we’ve continued to work generation after generation to become a more perfect union.”

Betsy DeVos

Critical Race Theory is not a better way to understand American race relations as many in the media and the liberal elite would have you believe. CRT is instead rooted in racism, forcing everything to be looked at through the lens of race – and nothing else. Worse, CRT is a Trojan horse used to introduce Marxist concepts into classrooms, framing some Americans—and the country as a whole—as irredeemably racist and others as permanent victims.

My friend Dr. Condoleezza Rice may have said it best:

Of course, America’s failures should be taught. Understanding America requires understanding the sins of our past, not least of which is slavery and Jim Crow. But it also requires appreciating the ways generations of Americans have worked together to form a more perfect union. It requires teaching the whole of our history, with an eye toward appreciating what’s good about America. A thoroughly self-loathing account of our history is poisonous. It’s also false.

I know most parents and teachers agree on these points. That’s what makes it even more galling that the school union bosses care far more about the progressive political elite they curry favor with than they do about their rank-and-file members or the kids they are charged with educating.

It’s why Americans should continue to declare independence from the monopoly of government-run, union-controlled schools.  Schools should exist to serve the needs of students and parents, not the other way around. When schools fail to meet that mandate, parents should have the power to take the tax dollars allocated for their child to different schools.

In many cases, parents — especially minority parents — just want their children to be educated, period. If teacher union bosses and school boards want to look for systemic racism in this country, they need look no further than the government-assigned schools they stridently defend. It’s in these schools where far too many Black and Hispanic children fail to meet grade-level expectations and fall behind their white, affluent peers.

I’ve long advocated for education freedom, the idea that students should be free to learn wherever, whenever and however works best for them. That includes freedom from forced indoctrination. Our kids deserve to have their minds challenged and horizons expanded, not their perspectives narrowed by the political preferences of the adults who run their schools.